UX/UI case study | MOHO Studio.it

UX/UI case study | MOHO Studio.it

My roles

  • User research
  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • Usability test
  • Prototyping
  • Web design


  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Invision Studio
  • WordPress


MOHO is a geological firm operating in technical service consulting in the south of Italy.

I was asked for creating new brand identity (the old brand was apgeologia), online and offline materials and new website, to create a more consistent message in line with their brand values.

This is the UX study behind the creation of the website mohostudio.it; if interested, you can find its brand identity in WORKS section on the homepage, or my personal page on BEHANCE.


Heuristic evaluation and analytics

Since MOHO project is a rebranding of APGEOLOGIA with an existing website, I could base my study on previous website’s analytics and heuristic evaluation. 

In this way I could identify main usability problems, understanding users’ behavior on the website, figuring out lacks and working on a new architecture and solutions.

Customer database

Because my customer didn’t change his target audience (technical firms, independent professionals involved in engineering and constructions) I could use the company database and it means saving time, without creating brand new personas but working on refining already built personas to improve characteristics, needs and goals. 


Once 5 typical customers have been identified, I created a survey to collect more information for this particular kind of professionals, in order to merge this data with those already collected.


MOHO’s customers are mainly technical professionals, a really interesting kind of users to study.

The firm primarily provides its services in central and south of Italy, in such a purely technical environment where work attitudes are strongly different and most of customers are middle aged and highly skilled professionals.   

I identified one persona with common needs and dominant characteristics:


Thanks to amount of data I collected, I could go on to wireframe low-fi prototypes which fulfilled full requirements.

After 3 usability tests, I got the final version of the website, online since January 2019.


Typo and visual contents perfectly come together to communicate a strong consistency with brand values.


Based on testing and analytics, there are two significant changes to improve the usability and achieve business goals:

1.  Differently from the previous website, it has been decided to create a single page, for a linear navigation flow and to decrease steps to goals (ex. customers asking for a quote). 

2.  The previous website had two only generical contact forms to ask for information and quotes at the same time; on new website any service page hosts an improved contact form, with an advanced system to choice one or more services together, to allow customers to quickly ask for a quote without changing page.

3.  The CTA “SERVICES” in the navigation menu is anchored to services section and, by a slight scroll effect, users can have a clear perception of change and position.


MOHOSTUDIO.IT is online since January 2019: in the first three months visits have been increasing of 31% compared to the same period of 2018, and quote requests also increased of 20%.

The project is constantly monitored by analytics and A/B Test tools, to improve customers experience and to achieve firm’s stated goals.